Fashion and Furniture by Rachel Maxwell

Have you ever noticed how furniture can reflect the current fashion trends? Similarly, a lot of outfits and accessories today reflect the style of classic furniture. Fashion and furniture may have a lot more in common than you might think. If the thought of decorating a room scares you, it may help to think about how you put together an outfit.

Start by Choosing a Style
As we all know, everyone has his or her own sense of fashion. Shopping for clothing may seem easier, because you know exactly which stores carry the styles of clothing you like. Shopping for furniture may seem overwhelming to you because furniture stores normally carry a multitude of different styles. This is why it is important to pick a style ahead of time.

When choosing a style, consider your choice in fashion. Do you like to be casual and wear jeans and boots? Maybe you would like a comfy yet durable leather sofa. Do you have a fun and outgoing personality and like to wear vibrant colors? Maybe you would like a custom sofa with a pattern that reflects your individual style and personality. Do you prefer a more formal and sophisticated style? Start with a dark solid color sofa accented with nail head trim. This style is similar to selecting a little black dress accented with a pearl necklace. You could add a pop of color, such as a bright tufted ottoman. This style is similar to wearing bright red heels with a leopard top. Sometimes you just want to wear a comfy sweatshirt, and this is similar to curling up in a chaise lounge. You might be surprised how your preferences in fashion can be reflected in your home.

Prioritize Your Pieces
Think about which pieces are going to get the most use. If you wear jeans every day, you are probably going to spend more money on your jeans to ensure great quality. The same goes for furniture. If you spend most of your time on the sofa, you should probably spend the majority of your budget on the sofa. This is not to say you should spend your entire budget on a sofa, because then your room will look incomplete. Just as you would not spend your entire budget on one pair of jeans and go without shirts, shoes, and accessories. If you are staying within a budget prioritize which pieces of furniture are most important to you.


imax-31411 gold lampGold Earrings from LeonardsGold Bracelets from Wooden NickelIMAX Gold Vase
Accessories can make or break an outfit. The same goes for decorating a room in your home. A house with no pictures, lamps, rugs, or other accent pieces may look bare and unfinished, like a woman dressed in formal attire with no jewelry. You can also have too many accessories, causing your home to look cluttered and overdone. Sometimes less is more, so choose accessories you love that will make an impact on the room.

Maintain the Look
Similar to fashion, furniture trends continue to change. This is not to say you have to replace your sofa every year, but when you see a piece of furniture is starting to look worn or just outdated, you should consider replacing it with something new. Think of it as cleaning out your closet. You wouldn’t want to wear an article of clothing that was a fashion trend ten years ago that now has a hole in it, so you wouldn’t want to keep an old recliner you bought twenty years ago that is falling apart. You also wouldn’t want to go without ever getting rid of any of your furniture; it would be like adding more clothes to a closet running out of space. This is not to say you shouldn’t keep pieces of furniture that have sentimental values. Many people have antique furniture, which they have kept in pristine condition and plan to keep it as a family heirloom. The same goes for articles of fashion. You wouldn’t want to get rid of your great-grandmothers ring just because you are running out of space in your jewelry box. This can go back to prioritizing your pieces and finding the ones that mean most to you while replacing the ones with less sentimental value.

Furniture Reflecting Fashion
Furniture styles today have many similarities to today’s fashion trends. The most obvious similarity is color. Every year Pantone selects a color of the year and this color is not only reflected in fashion on the runway, but also furniture at market. This year’s pantone color of the year is Marsala. This color is popular in handbags, dresses, and tops, but also popular in today’s leather sofas, chairs, and rugs. Orange and pink are colors we are seeing more of in today’s clothing and furniture as well. Fifteen years ago people would have never imagined having a bright pink or orange sofa, but in today’s furniture trends it is very common.


Think of over-lapping rugs just like dressing in layers.  It adds interest and allows you to use patterns that may be too intense on their own.


We are seeing more texture in today’s fashion such as fringe, mesh, and sequins or jewels. The same textures are being found in furniture and home décor. Lamps can be found with studded lampshades and throw pillows with fringe or sequins. Many modern accent chairs come with mesh backs similar to the mesh found in dresses and tops. The legs on sofas and chairs are becoming narrower and more streamlined. This could be reflected from the skinny jean trend.

Just as there are famous fashion brands, there are also famous furniture brands. Louis Vuitton is a highly sought after and well-known fashion designer and many people try to replicate and sell his designs. The same goes for well-known furniture designers such as Luduig Mies Van Der Rohe and his famous Barcelona chair. A knockoff of this $5,400 chair can be found for only $299. Similar upscale furniture trends are becoming easier for people to obtain.

Fashion Reflecting Furniture
Many famous classic furniture designs are reflected in today’s fashion. The famous Womb chair and ottoman by Eero Saarinen is reflected in current women’s blouse and skirt sets. The famous Bertoia Diamond chair by Harry Bertoia is reflected in current mesh dress trends. Many tops on the runway reflect the style of the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer. Even though furniture trends seem to be closely behind fashion trends, many of the current styles are closely related to classic furniture pieces.

As you can see, furniture and fashion have many similarities. If you find it difficult to decide on what type of furniture you want or the style of your home, take the time to reflect on your personal fashion choices. Whether you select clothing that makes you feel good about yourself, is comfortable, or will last a long time you can select furniture with the same qualities.

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