Sofa or Sectional? Which is Better for You?

We have had more people than ever looking at sectionals.  Sometimes figuring out what kind of sectional works best in your room can be tricky.  Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for a sectional.

Sectional Shopping Tips

  1.  Measure your space before you go shopping.
  2. Take some pictures of your room with you.  (Especially any items you want to include in the finished room.)
  3. When you find the sectional you like, use painters tape to tape off the shape of the sectional in the room to make sure you’re comfortable walking around it.

Sectional vs. Sofa PROS and CONS

  • Sectionals are a great way to divide a long room.
  • Sectionals are cozy and a great way for the whole family to sit together.
  • Some sectionals are modular.  They can be set up different ways if you move to a different house or like to rearrange your furniture.  Others can only be used one way.
  • A standard sofa may be more versatile to use in future rooms and arrangements.
  • A standard sofa allows more opportunities to a variety of seating options, which may be better if you want to include a rocker or recliner.
  • Sectionals lend themselves to a casual, comfortable style.  They are better for a room where families or close friends relax.  Sofas may work better if your space is more formal or if you frequently have guests who do not know each other as well.

When you are ready to shop for a sofa or a sectional, come see us at Furniture Showcase at the corner of 5th and Main in Downtown Stillwater.  We would love to help you figure out an arrangement that works best for your room and your family’s lifestyle.

Furniture Showcase Design Services

Room Plans - Keana Alex SofaRoom Plan - Taylor Alex SectionalShop for Alex Sectional at Furniture Showcase

Shop for other sectionals at Furniture Showcase

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