Let’s Get Cozy – At Home

by Heidi Greeson

Designers at Furniture Showcase can help you make your room cozy, comfortable and stylish!

Designers at Furniture Showcase can help you make your room cozy, comfortable and stylish!

It is 25 degrees outside, and with that blustery Stillwater wind blowing, I just cannot wait to be welcomed by the warmth and coziness of my home. Perhaps you know the feeling – braving the cold with the promise of warmth and comfort on the other side of the front door. Once inside, I realize that there may be few things I can do to make my living space a little more comforting at the end of a cold day. Being an aspiring interior designer, I thought it would be easy to write about what makes a home comfortable during the winter time; then I realized that not everyone has the same opinions when it comes to what we need to do to make a home more pleasant. So, I got together with my interior designer colleagues, Erin, Rachel, Keana, and Holly to talk about the best ways to make a home cozy. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let our ideas help you turn your home into a place that you look forward to coming home to every day. Spring is on its way, and we want to make the most of the last few days of winter!

One of the easiest ways to create a relaxing and inviting environment is through the use of candles. Candles are a simple way to make your home feel warmer and more inviting. Experiment with the placement of candles to create a comforting ambiance. You might also try installing candle holders onto walls to establish a little bit of elegance. Using different sizes, shapes, and colors of candles can create a more artistic feel. Find a scent that captures the personality of your home, and the atmosphere you would like to create. Using scents like a fruity, yet sophisticated, pomegranate, or an herbal, stress-reducing lavender can really make a difference in the overall atmosphere of your home. Be careful with your choice though, as some fragrances can be overwhelming.

A similar effect can be reached by using lamps for accent lighting. Accent lighting, as opposed to overall illumination of a room, can add more interest and dimension to a space. Using multiple lamps instead of your overhead ceiling fan light can make your space feel more intimate. Lamps can be placed on nightstands and end tables to not only brighten the area, but add a more decorative touch. Accent lighting can be used to emphasize a focal point as well. Not only should you focus on the placement of the lighting, but the actual brightness of the lighting itself.

Another way to enhance the mood in any room is through adjusting levels of light. Dimmer switches are another easy way to get the different effects you are looking for, whether you need a brighter light for reading or you are trying to set the mood for a romantic movie night. If you are a handy person, they are actually pretty easy to install! Otherwise, any electrician should be able to get everything wired correctly for you. If the dimmer switch is not exactly what you are looking for and you prefer something simple like a wall sconce, theater-style lighting is an excellent way to get a softer glow. Instead of a lamp where the light is directed downward, the theater-like wall sconces shine upward, reducing the harshness.

Think of over-lapping rugs just like dressing in layers.  It adds interest and allows you to use patterns that may be too intense on their own.

Think of over-lapping rugs just like dressing in layers. It adds interest and allows you to use patterns that may be too intense on their own.

One trend that we have all noticed a lot recently is overlapping and layering rugs. Not only does it create a sense of relaxation, but it also gives an otherwise cold space a warmer and cozier feel through different textures and patterns. You want to be sure and play with the angles of the rugs to achieve your desired effect when overlapping. When it comes to layering rugs, one dynamic combination might include using a neutral rug on top of a patterned or colorful rug. This would help balance out a patterned rug if it were too busy, while still giving you that contrast or a pop of color! This is the same effect as wearing a bold patterned top with a solid jacket or sweater. With all the energy you are putting in to cozy up your home, you are bound to get tired. What better than to relax in a comfortable spot?

The "accessorize" tab at www.StillwaterFurnitureShowcase.com allows you to try different rugs under different pieces of furniture.

The “accessorize” tab at http://www.StillwaterFurnitureShowcase.com allows you to try different rugs under different pieces of furniture.


Everyone has that special chair or seat on the couch that calls their name as soon as they get home! Whether you like to snuggle up with a significant other, read your children a book, or take a quick snooze with a pet, your chair is an essential element of a comfortable home. With that in mind, you may look into an oversized chair, a recliner, or a cuddler. An oversized chair, or “chair and a half” can often fit more than one person. When paired with an ottoman to elevate your feet, they can be the perfect spot to relax on your own with a book or snuggle up with a loved one or furry friend. Rocker recliners are ideal for people who like to lean back and relax. If you do not like the look of a traditional rocker recliner, you may like the look and feel of a pushback recliner, which lets you recline, but does not look as bulky and can be a more stylish option. Sectionals have come back in a big way. Adding a chaise or “cuddler” to the end of a sectional makes them even more inviting. A cuddler is an angled piece that that offers deeper seating and plenty of room to curl up – they can usually fit one to two people. The angle of a cuddler can make the space feel cozier than the square corner of a standard sectional. While thinking about your new furniture pieces, do not forget to add different accessories to bring it all together!

Accessories are a great way to add warmth and personality to your home. Throw blankets, accent pillows, and other small accessories can be a quick and inexpensive way to add seasonally appropriate colors to your décor, whether it is pink and red for Valentine’s Day, or just warmer colors for a cozier feel. Other ways to add pops of color can be though artwork. Just as you put up decorations for Christmas, start putting up Valentine’s accessories, whether it is pictures of hearts or Valentine’s Day cards from friends and loved ones. Prefer a neutral palette? No Problem! Try experimenting with textures instead. Adding different textures like oversize knits, fuzzy faux furs, or maybe a little bit of metallic shine to reflect your candlelight can add a unique coziness to the space.

You can continue to work on making your home as relaxed as you would like it to be. With the variety of different options given, you are bound to have a warmer, cozier home in no time!

Bassett Custom Sofas

Bassett Custom Upholstery

At Furniture Showcase, one of our favorite things to do is customize furniture from Bassett.  In the following idea boards each of our designers and salespeople customized a sofa and designed a room around it.  Which one is your favorite?

Rachel's Bassett Custom

Victoria's Basssett Custom Room

Holly's Bassett CU2

Erin's Bassett Sofa Living Room

Keana'a Bassett Custom room JPEG

James's Bassett Custom November 2014

Robyn's Bassett Custom

December Events at Furniture Showcase


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gingerbread house 2014

The Jingle Bells Sweepstakes Drawing will take place LIVE at Furniture Showcase on December 12th at 5:00 PM.

This year, you do not have to be present to win.  The winning ticket numbers will be announced on Stillwater Radio at 5:00 PM on Friday, December 12th.  If you can’t attend that day, be sure and listen for your ticket number.  If your ticket number is drawn, you’ll have five minutes to call and claim your prize!




Santa is Coming!!  Santa will be at Furniture Showcase Thursday December 18th from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM.  Santa visits will be broadcast live on TV31!

Brooks with Santa in 2012

Brooks with Santa in 2012

Max with Santa in 2013

Max with Santa in 2013

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

by Holly Franklin

‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie, stuffing your face with turkey, and out-of-town guests! Taking some time to make your home a truly welcoming place can really make all the difference to your family and friends. A lot of times, we don’t take into account the best way to make a guest feel at home during their stay. Using these helpful tips as a guide, you and your guests are bound to have one of the most successful holidays yet!

If you have a dedicated guest room:

Think about what you like in a hotel room. Many people consider the bed the most essential aspect of a relaxing visit. You may want place the greatest consideration on the condition and size of your mattress. If you find your guest room mattress to be incredibly uncomfortable, so will your guests. Also, since queen sized mattresses are only six inches wider and five inches longer than a full size bed, upgrading will make your guests a lot more comfortable by only taking up a little more space. If you are considering a new bed for the guest room (or upgrading your mattresses and moving the old one to the guest room), the holidays are a great time to shop for a new mattress. Many of the best mattress manufacturers, such as Serta and Tempur-Pedic, offer special deals during the holiday season.

Another way to ensure your guests are sleeping comfortably is to make sure the sheets are freshly washed before your guests arrive. Also, make sure you have plenty of pillows. While most of us just keep two pillows on the guest bed, many people need multiple pillow for maximum comfort.   And don’t forget some extra blankets in case your guests’ feet get cold at night.

Some other comfort features to consider include a nightstand with a generous amount of tabletop surface for guests’ electronics, reading glasses, and books with a nice bedside lamp. Be sure there is easy access to an electrical outlet so you guests can plug in their cell phones and laptops. If you really want to make your guests feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel, place a mint or chocolate on their pillow.

Since your guests will be relaxing here in their down time, make sure it is a comfortable place to lay back and unwind. Try to keep it from feeling like a wall-to-wall storage bin for leftover furniture and knick-knacks—even if that is what it normally is used for. One solution might be including a storage bench. Not only does it give guests a place to store their personal belongings, but it also provides added surface space while concealing the clutter.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room:

Think of ways to make your guests comfortable without having to give up your own bed. Since Stillwater is such a great place to visit, it is not unusual for homes to be maxed out on sleeping space. During special times, like homecoming, every room of my home is filled with friends and family. If every bed is taken, you may need to think of an alternative solution.

It seems like many kids have their own rooms these days. Consider adding a trundle bed or bunk bed to your children’s rooms. They can bunk together for the night and clear out some space for extra guests.

legacy classic kids bunkbed with trundle

The addition of memory foam and adjustable air mattresses to sleeper sofas has made them more comfortable than in years past. If you are considering a new sofa or sectional anyway, make it a sleeper. You will be surprised how often you end up using it, especially if it is a comfortable one! The main complaint we hear about sleeper sofas is that they are heavy and hard to move. If you like to move your furniture around, try this trick: Remove all the cushions, remove the mattress and use some rope to tie down the mechanism. By doing so, the sleeper will be no heavier than a traditional sofa. Investing in furniture sliders is another option.

Sleeper - LZB Sectiona with Girls and Dog

If you like the idea of a sleeper sofa, but it is not in the budget to buy a new sofa, the Air Sofair air mattress sits right on the edge of any sofa with removable seat cushions. This way it takes up less floor space than a standard air mattress. The sofa holds the air mattress in place and your guests can lean against the sofa to relax and watch Christmas movies.

Sleeper -La-Z-Boy Air Mattress

If you’ll have guests sleeping in a common area like a living room, here are a few tips to make them more comfortable.

  1. Talk to your family and designate nighttime hours in which the common area will become private for your guests. Once everyone is up, take a few moments to fold the sheets and blankets and tuck them away during the day.
  2. Make your guests have a place to put their belongings. If there is a bathroom right by the living room, designate a drawer or shelf to place their toiletries. When I travel, I always bring home extra hotel toiletries and store them in a jar or basket in the bathroom. It’s nice to have some choices of lotions, soaps and conditioners for them.
  3. Setting up a privacy screen is another way of instating a personal sense to make your guests feel like they have their own room.

Accommodating Special Circumstances:

It is important when you have guests to accommodate any special circumstances they may have. It seems as though at least one person you know is allergic to something these days. For instance, if you have a guest staying with you who is allergic to peanuts, avoid making peanut butter cookies or serving mixed nuts on game night. It is okay to ask if your guests are allergic to anything specific to avoid a visit to the emergency room. It could really ruin Aunt Gertrude’s holiday if your specialty stuffing with your top secret ingredient (peanuts) sent her into anaphylactic shock!

Entertaining Guests:

If your Wi-Fi is password protected, be sure to leave the password on a pillow or nightstand so your guests can enjoy posting pictures of the delicious turkey with cranberry sauce on Instagram without fear of using their data.

Don’t want your guests or family members sitting mindlessly in front of the television or on their phones? Have a game night! Game nights are great ways to connect with your guests. I remember several nights of staying at a friend’s house playing dominos or Uno until midnight or later. However, a cozy movie night is never a bad thing to do after a long day of Christmas shopping! Holiday classics to set the mood such as Home Alone or Miracle on 34th Street are some good ones to consider. While watching your favorite holiday cinematic adventure, string some popcorn for your Christmas tree.

Do be mindful of your guests! If your laundry room is right next to their room don’t do a load of dirty laundry right before everyone goes to sleep. Try to do it in the morning or earlier in the evening while everyone is still awake.

Guests, there are a few things for you to consider when staying at someone else’s humble abode.

  • Do not sleep in until the late morning or afternoon. You are still a guest in someone’s house. Be sociable! Most hosts want to talk and see what new and exciting things are happening in your life.
  • Be mindful of your manners! In your house, it’s perfectly acceptable to lounge in your boxers all day with un-brushed teeth and disheveled hair. However, when staying at someone’s house, please wear appropriate clothes; this includes a shirt and pants. Be polite and chivalrous. Remember “please” and “thank you” still go a long way in today’s society. Maybe even offer to do small chores such as setting the table or washing the dishes!

3)       Once you return from your stay, be sure to write a thank you card to your host.



By Holly Franklin

Holly is a graduate of OSU’s Interior Design Program and is an interior designer at Furniture Showcase

What’s UP with Beds Today?

ICD_Lifestyle_10By James Hutchison

Have you ever considered purchasing an adjustable base for your new mattress? Are you afraid it will make your bed look like one found in a hospital? Well you are in luck! Long gone are the days when the only people that had an adjustable bed were those with health problems or mobility issues. There has never been a better time to buy a mattress with an adjustable foundation. Today, adjustable foundations for your mattress represent the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, and they have become more affordable than ever. In fact, they have become so common that Tempur-Pedic reports that nearly half of all their mattresses are now sold with movable bases. If you have been considering an adjustable base or are still on the fence about whether or not you should get one, here are some benefits to consider:

  1. Stop the Snoring! If you or your partner has an issue with snoring, an adjustable bed may be worth a try. When we lie flat on a bed, our throats tend to close a little tighter than normal because of the relaxed state of our bodies and gravity. This tighter airway makes it more difficult to get sufficient air which can lead to snoring. That awful nose that keeps so many awake at night may be lessened with just a slight raising of the head from your adjustable bed. If you can raise your partner’s side slightly without even waking him, it may be more effective than just the nudge that you usually give.
  2. Be comfortable watching TV in bed. Are you one of those people that love catching up on the late night shows or do you simply like watching a good movie just before you go to sleep? An adjustable base is the perfect solution for you! It will allow you to watch TV from the most comfortable position so you don’t have to pile on the pillows anymore! If you love to watch television in bed, try looking for a base that has an adjustable lumbar and headrest to find your perfect TV watching position – your bed will be more comfortable than any chair around!
  3. Is back pain an issue you’ve been dealing with? An adjustable bed may improve how you feel. Raising your head and your feet slightly can relieve pressure on your lower back, allowing it to relax. The majority of people I’ve talked to with about an adjustable base tell me that this is their number one reason for buying an adjustable bed.
  4.  Many adjustable beds come with built in massage features. So after that long day at work or just dealing with the kids or family all day, it’s nice to be able to relax in your own bed and be pampered at the same time. Just imagine the comfort of being able to slowly drift to sleep while the gentle massage helps you to relax. Some people find that the massage feature can also be good for circulation or minor aches and pains after working or working out.
  5. Love the idea of having breakfast in bed? With the ability to adjust to an upright position, having breakfast in bed will be a piece of cake! No more messes or spills to worry about! You’ll be able to enjoy the most important meal of the day in the luxury and comfort of your own adjustable bed!
  6. Work from home easily! Now, normally I am not much of an advocate for doing work at home, but in the event you find yourself rushing to get that project done before the 8 o’clock morning meeting, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do it from the most comfortable place in your home?! An adjustable base can bring you into that perfect, comfortable position for working on your tablet or laptop and you won’t strain your neck.
  7.  Choose the features that best suit you. The basic models just raise the head, while the fancier models have features like adjustable lumbar support, movable headrests for reading or watching television and even built-in nightlights and blue-tooth speakers.

Remember- if something doesn’t feel right, you should really have many of these issues (like pain or chronic snoring) evaluated by your doctor. You never know, an adjustable base could be an important part of the treatment. Most people put a lot of time and care into choosing the right mattress. You may not have spent much time thinking about the box spring or foundation that supports your mattress. After trying adjustable bases and feeling the benefits yourself, it may be hard to justify not changing to an adjustable base the next time you go mattress shopping!

Decorating With ORANGE

Ask anyone in Stillwater to tell you their favorite color, and there is a good chance that orange is the answer. Check any of our closets; most of us have an entire orange section. We have no problem adding orange to our wardrobes, but many people are more nervous about adding orange to their home décor. A lot of people I talk with, love orange, but they feel it is best reserved for very modern spaces, game rooms, or kids rooms.

My husband is a true fan. If it were up to him, he would happily paint every room in our home bright orange.   He might even add some black accents, a few jerseys and some sports memorabilia for good measure. For most of us, that would be a hard combination to live with on a daily basis – especially if your goal is to make your home a relaxing retreat.

Our challenge is to incorporate orange into each room in a unique way. To make our “orange rooms” look sophisticated, we want the punches of orange to be noticeable, but not the only thing that you notice. Incorporating orange into any room adds warmth and a more energetic mood. This is especially great for living rooms and kitchens. When used in a creative way, orange can complement almost any other color or room style.

When considering adding orange to your home, think about other colors you might want to pair with it. Here are a few combinations to consider:

Orange and Black is a very harsh contrast. It can look a little “halloweenish” if you are not careful. Most often this combination is reserved for OSU themed rooms – like a children’s room or media room. Unless you’re going for a themed room, it might be a safer choice to consider pairing orange with another neutral instead.

OSU Bar Tablesosu shuffleboard 2osu shuffleboard 3go cowboysorange chairs

Orange and Grey can look very fresh and contemporary. It looks great accented with cream or citron.

Bassett Wakefield COlors

Orange and Cream, Khaki or Chocolate Brown can look very warm and cozy and can be accented with many other colors.


Orange and Navy or Steel Grey/Blue can be a sophisticated combination that still has a lot of energy. Orange and blue are complementary colors- meaning that they are opposites on the color wheel.

5320145Bassett Custom Sectional Blue and Orange

Orange and Lighter Blue or Spa Blue can be a great combination for a bedroom or a bathroom. The spa blue is calming and the contrast of the orange wakes it up!


Orange and Turquoise is a popular combination right now – especially if you go with a brighter tint of orange – like coral.

Painted in Waterlogue

Orange and Pink is a bright, feminine combination. Pink is so often used for girl’s rooms, and the orange adds something unexpected, making it more interesting.

surya orange and pink pouf

Because orange and blue are complementary colors, the combination is naturally very pleasing to the eye. When used in smaller doses, perhaps using orange as an accent color, the combination is vibrant and interesting. If you were to paint an entire room bright orange and blue, the result would be rather harsh. When you look at more orange rooms, you’ll notice that some of the most loved rooms are quite often paired with blue – from navy to aqua to turquoise.

With each of these combinations, consider which orange you want to use: a shade, tint or tone. Lighter tints (orange with white mixed in) can come out looking like peach – which is not what most of us in Orange Country are going for. Darker shades with more black mixed in might look more masculine or sophisticated. A tone of orange or a greyed out orange means that black and white have been added – tones are more easily mixed into traditional décor than bright orange. If you want to paint a room orange, consider using a tone or greyed out orange.

If you want orange to be the main star of the room, consider upholstering a large piece of furniture in an orange fabric or leather. In other places this might be considered a trendy color to put on a larger piece that is a bigger investment, but in Stillwater, orange never goes out of style!

If you don’t want to go that far, try adding orange accents to your room in another way. Accessories can add interest to an otherwise neutral room. To make orange part of the color scheme, repeat the color several times around the room. Consider all parts of the room. Area rugs, drapes and pillows are a great way to add a lot of color. If wall art and tabletop accessories or bookshelves repeat the orange, it will help make the room more cohesive. The great thing about a stand-out color like orange is that a little bit can make a big impact!

If you’re shopping for furniture, and notice that most of the pieces you love seem to only be shown in brown or neutral tones, don’t be discouraged. Many pieces can be customized to bring a little “Orange Power” to your room!

We love decorating with orange! Our goal is to find ways to decorate with orange in a way that will be comfortable and inviting for family and friends. If you’d like to see more rooms with orange, check out our “Orange Power!” board on pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/FurnShow/orange-power/
Orange Power Board